About Us
The founder of the brand, a healthy eating specialist and certified biologist (NSU), tells us: "Our philosophy is based on healthy and proper nutrition. We use the special latest scientific knowledge in the field of dietetics to make food more correct, healthier and much more tasty. This scientific knowledge is mainly related to the use of extremely useful natural substances contained in spices, berries and herbs, taking into account the specific quality of fats. We exclude really harmful and consciously use really healthy natural products.

Roman, our chef, knows the cuisine of Michelin restaurants, has worked side by side with the best chefs in the world and has already won the prize for the best restaurant in his country. We have come to Dubai Hills Mall with the goal of giving the perfect taste and quality here.

Our Philosophy
L' airelle rouge - is the French word for "red forest berry" or lingonberry. The French word Rouge red is similar to the word Rouge in the name of the Moulin Rouge, that is, it reads not as Rogues but as Rouge.

LINGONBERRIES is a rather less known berry in comparison with Cranberry, but actually not less useful and contains record quantities of useful bitterness and substances keeping youth and health.

Our Food
When people try our dishes, they inwardly feel that it is better, lighter, healthier and tastier. On the other hand we use French and European culinary traditions at the highest level, first of all from French cuisine. Together, this results in lighter and healthier versions of dishes and often achieves true flavor perfection that you probably won't find anywhere else
Plan Your Event
Birthday, Corporate or Wedding - our restaurant is perfect for the most diverse occasions and parties! Contact our team to discuss details and plan the event of your wishes.
L'Airelle Rouge
Dubai Hills Mall
Umm Suqeim Street, 1st floor

Opening times
Daily from 10:00 am to 12:00 am